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Mining and Crafting with Lots of Relaxing

Check it.

I got a new job this week. That's a thing. I'm doing the same stuff at the same place, but it's good. I've also been taking time away from making games so I can hang with friends, relax,


This beautiful build is a llama reserve currently being developed by one of our residents.

Server Address:

Are you looking for a nice and simple survival server where an ancient authority quietly visits folks every few days, only interfering if requested? The UTD retreat is home to a swell game of the 'ol Minecrafts with small frills and a grappling hook because why not? It's current residents are friends from UTD, but there's plenty of room for everyone! (35 to be precise)

Our lovely admins reside within a village nearby spawn and have taken the liberty of naming residents. Do not disturb the villagers.

Feel free to hop in, say hi, build a home, and summon the admin if there's an incident. There's a few admins including myself, although they wield all the authority over everything including myself, so it's kind of scary. Yeah.


Check out a testimonial from real server residents!

"It's pretty good." - A 100% Real Resident I Did Not Coerce in Any Way

"I am watching you, always..." - Admin

"Rudy, why are you pretending there's another admin? It's only you." - A Heathen Banished from the Over World

This is my house. It's also an airplane.

Side Note: I'm working on a sci-fi novella that's been quietly on and off the back burner since January. It's been consuming all my creative energy these past two weeks and hopefully I'll have something to show for it soon. This hasn't stopped progress on Spelling Bridges, but there's nothing significantly cool to show yet. Thank you ever so much for gracing this read with you lovely eyes!

Take Care, and Be You.

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