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Rudy's Star Citizen Journal #1

Preface: This past week I began playing Star Citizen after my brother asked me to join him since they were having a "free fly" week which allows everyone to play for free and provides a few ships temporarily. I decided shortly after my first night with the game to start documenting my experience via Discord messages to a friend. Since then, I've noticed my updates become more and more immersed and disconnected from reality or reason. I'd also like to note that I have since pledged towards the game and purchased my first ship, an Avenger Titan.

I run into a bug where the objective waypoints for my deliveries disappeared. I have to bust out some planetary maps and chart my way across. After getting near what I presume could be the vicinity of my destination, I set my ship down to review my maps one last time. My menu starts shaking as I hear a volley of explosions. I look up from the maps to see my ship’s status shows severe damage across the board. I look out the cockpit and see pirates circling, I start taking off and try to get my quantum engine on, but it’s fried. Another pass takes out one of my wings. I try to put her down gently from a nasty spin then hop out of the cockpit. I start running to exit the rear loading ramp as the walls shake, twist, and explode with sparks. I make it out in time to see pirates make one last pass, destroying my ship. I hide by some rocks as they continue circling around. Soon another band of pirates happens upon the first and begins dueling it out. Missiles and lasers light up the night for a few moments then suddenly everything falls quiet. I find myself alone on a planet with very little atmosphere in the middle of nowhere. I stare up at the stars near the wreckage of my home and set a distress beacon for pickup. No one comes.

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