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Tú Eres Bueno?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my new online home!

Here at Press X to Express, you'll find weekly updates on games I've got in the works, spicy takes too long for twitter, and other cool creative projects I wind up doing.

This week I just released a dearly personal video game about my own struggles with self-hate and depression. The game is called, "Are You Good?" and takes the player through a similar conversation I had with myself since I wasn't afforded the luxury of therapy, or gave myself the chance to open up with anyone. This was the fourth iteration in a series of projects I made to help me cope after losing two dogs and working on a game about Texas slavery in a world where people with my hair, face, and name are separated from their families and locked in cages a few hundred miles from where I live...

But that's a post for another day.

Are We Good? wasn't a game I intended for release. However, after several revisions and help with a few lovely people, I've given it a bit more polish and uploaded it on

My good friend Bryan Pham struggled with me for three hours to make the refresh executable for the game. Once you play through it, it'll make sense.

It's a very artsy game that does some stuff I thought was cool, but I swear I'm getting back to my cool action stealth game soon!

I apologize if it's overly uncomfortable, or ideas come across poorly. I probably should have let folks playtest, but I've been so nervous about sharing that I'm the only one that's fully played the game. It's a big ol' mess I love and hope you'll appreciate.

I'm having my first ever therapy session tomorrow, so hopefully future posts will be more uplifting! I have so much more to share about various other irons I've got in the fire so please stay with me and prepare for some real dope updates.

(it's windows only right now, but if there's enough interest, I'll try porting it to mac.)

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