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Games, Prototypes, and Otherwise (Windows Builds)

This project is essentially a piece of self-care art made out of necessity with really the only intended audience of myself. It's a short interactive narrative about communicating with the player's internal dialogue in the face of a painful thoughts.

Cool Features:

  • Low Fidelity Visuals

  • Atmospheric Score

  • Player Name Taken Into Account

  • Self Destruct Ending When Run as Administrator

This Halloween game jam project asked the question, "Is the Devil a decent dad?"

Cool Features:

  • Randomized Level Generation

  • CRT Aesthetic

  • Platforming & Spanking

This game jam project is an FMV nightmare produced in the midst of a quarantine.

Cool Features:

  • It's all Full Motion Videos

  • VFX is On Display

  • Video Production at Work

  • Collaborated with Jeff Pennington to Remake the Cantinflas Cartoon Character

  • I wore a Dress

This project was developed as my Capstone project for UTD's ATEC program. I wanted to play through my childhood, through my family's filmed history. Habla Con Migo is a one-button platformer developed so anyone from my child-aged cousins to my grandparents could play it. The project won "The Most Innovative Capstone" award for the 2019 ATEC Capstone celebration and was a finalist for the "Best Capstone" award.

Currently, the game is incomplete, only featuring one playable level. However, it is a project I look forward to completing In the future.

Cool Features:

  • Interactive Full Motion Video

  • One Button Control

  • Short Film Introductions

  • My Real Life Family

  • An Incredible Song Loop by James Popiel

Here's an interview I gave on an upcoming project called Ningún Sombra. It's currently in development, and won't be out for quite sometime.

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